Members of the St. Joe Little League staff are listed below. We welcome your questions & comments. If your questions or comments involve a particular league, use the “Contact For:” column to select an appropriate staff member. Interested in volunteering at St. Joe? If so, please contact any league officer or director.


2015 Officers

Contact For:
Scott Johnson, President All 416-1381
Joel Beghtel, Vice President Baseball 410-6571
Shelley Beghtel, Player Agent Baseball 804-4376
Corey Scherschel, Treasurer Baseball 409-9606
Vacant, Secretary Safety Directo Baseball 450-8110
Vacant, Secretary Baseball 704-7827


2016 Baseball Appointees

Contact For:
Senior League VP, Joe Tarney Seniors 403-4712
Junior League VP, Joe Tarney Juniors 403-4712
Major League VP, VACANT Majors
Minor League VP, Matt Ostermeyer Minors 341-1167
Prep League VP, Joe Clauser Prep 348-7361
T-Ball League VP, Joe Clauser T-Ball  348-7361
Equipment Manager, VACANT All
Sponsorship Coordinator, Scott Johnson All  416-1381
Concessions All 452-8228


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